kadops – business support for manufacturing industry leaders and their funding partners

How can we help you - the kadops way?

At kadops we take pride in our user-friendly, adaptable approach. As hands-on leaders we provide genuine one-stop support from boardroom to shop floor for manufacturing industry leaders and their funding partners.

Our USP is our collective commercial, operational and financial (ICAEW) experience, practised and executed as cross functional leaders within live manufacturing and operational environments.

Our goal is to maximise throughput, cash flow and profitability by optimising the factors of production (land, labour, capital and enterprise).

Our customised services include pre-investment assessments and post-deal monitoring, to highlight the true risk and potential of manufacturers to private equity and funding partners.

The "kadops way” promotes sustainable leadership, execution and reflection to aid business growth. Click on the images below or visit our case studies to find out more.